Franciscian Order in Mostar

Visual identity for mobile application OREMUS

Category: Identity Digital

Mobile applications change our lifestyle, saving our time and providing us with numerous services and possibilities. Widely used on smartphones, they have become a prominent feature of everyday life. Their benefits and potential have been recognized in the Franciscian Order in Mostar where this mobile application OREMUS was created. Our guiding principle in designing this application was the interpersonal connection through reciprocal prayer for one another. OREMUS wishes to be a small prayer family i.e. a prayer network. Why the name OREMUS? It is an old Christian greeting “Oremus pro invincem!” which means “Let us pray for one another” and it is precisely the message/purpose of this application - let’s pray with and for one another. Shift agency was entrusted with the logo design and visual identity of this mobile application. Since the application is based on prayer and faith, the idea for our design was also headed in that direction. The logo is done in a calming blue colour, combining the letter “O” with the sign of the cross, so that the purpose of this application can be easily identifiable even at first glance. The final result is an innovative and unique mobile application which provides all its users with an excellent prayer and visual experience. OREMUS app can be downloaded at Google Play Store.

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