Sjemenarna Široki Brijeg

The visual identity of the product collection - Friend Dog Treats

Category: Packaging

Friend has long been a strong regional brand that customers have recognized exactly as its name suggests. Always at hand and ready to strengthen "friendship." Continuous product range development and keeping up with global trends have led to the emergence of a new product subcategory - dog treats. We seized the opportunity, refreshed some previous brand elements, and gave it a new look that embodies the values necessary for a quality relationship between owners and their pets, namely warmth, playfulness, and connection.

The relationship with pets is always vibrant and never static. That's exactly how this product line is designed. A slight change in the logo's appearance and the introduction of vibrant colors will assist in digital communication, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in the interaction with customers of these products. Illustrations of different breeds, each highlighted in its unique way on every item, speak to the reason why people love their pets - diverse personalities, traits, sizes, always ready to give their owner their time for active entertainment.