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A New Toilet Paper Brand Inspired by the Gentle Softness of Sheep's Wool

Category: Identity Packaging

Delmi is a new toilet paper brand that draws inspiration from the luxurious softness of sheep's wool. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Delmi transforms our everyday routines into a pleasure :) The branding communicates the importance of both quality and sustainability. The toilet paper is made from responsibly sourced materials, ensuring that customers receive the finest product while contributing to a greener future.

The name Delmi has its roots in history. Since the company is located in Tomislavgrad, the name Delmi evokes the ancient name of the city from Roman times - Delminium, which originated from the word "sheep," as this was a region known for livestock farming and abundant pastures.

The Delmi logo is a modern wordmark, but the complete visual identity is enriched with illustrations of sheep that appear on packaging as well as in point-of-sale materials and marketing campaigns, embodying the essence of the Delmi brand. The logo simultaneously conveys a sense of luxury and comfort.

The packaging design is based on two lines within the collection, consisting of two-ply and three-ply products. Differentiation in design is primarily achieved through color, but also with pictograms placed on the packaging to easily convey product characteristics to customers. In addition to the logo and packaging design, a brand manual with basic graphic standards has been created.