The verbal and visual identity of Taboo wine & dine restaurant

The brand identity and packaging design for an all-natural chokeberry juice

Fresh and modern visual identity for Ecos

The verbal and visual identity of Sparx brand

Visual identity of the new brand of natural cosmetics

The most successful brands are also the simplest ones. They communicate with the market clearly, which is a prerequisite for long-term and sustainable growth in sales. Our job is to create efficient ideas and shape market-relevant communication for companies.

Training and retraining centre visual identity and guidelines 
Identity Print
Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina - REDAH
Visual identity of Narenta travel agency
Narenta Travel GmbH
The verbal and visual identity of the brand Nicola’s
Identity Packaging
Diskont Planinić Ljubuški
X-EXPRESS visual identity
X-EXPRESS d.o.o. Banja Luka
Private label packaging design
Label design for liquor Teranino Baronesa
Baronesa Ltd. Zagreb
The packaging design of Disney franchise juices
Identity Packaging
Maraska d.d. Zadar Croatia
The verbal and visual identity of Sparx brand
Identity Packaging
Elektro Jurić d.o.o. Mostar