Eko plantaža Čuljak, Mostar

The visual identity of the products collection of black chokeberries

Category: Identity Packaging

The Čuljak family from the Mostar city, Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been cultivating chokeberries for several years. This type of berry come from the rose family. In Bosnia and Herzegovina cultivation of this plant is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because of its health benefits and the advantages derived from organic farming. These factors encouraged Mr. Čuljak and his family to create a real family eco-plantation. Our client then came to the phase when the product had to go to the market and needed to be presented in its best form. We were surprised with the wide range of products that can be made from this plant. Within the collection of products, we designed the packaging for chokeberry juice, tea made from chokeberry leaves and fruit, and different labels for the sale of seedlings and the sale of fresh and dried fruit. In addition to the packaging design, we also created a complete visual identity for this eco-plantation, the logo design, basic elements of correspondence, as well as traffic signs.