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Promotional Campaign and Special Label Edition of Natural Spring Water

Category: Packaging

Leda natural spring water has been present on the regional market since 2007 and has a significant market share in the bottled water distribution segment. The natural spring water is collected and bottled directly from its natural source, where it meets the sky and the human eye after hundreds of kilometres of wandering through the mountains. Shift developed a new strong recognizable campaign with the accompanying slogan “S vrha vrhova” with the aim of informing or reminding the public of the exceptional values and quality of this unique spring water. 

The first step in the campaign designing process was to examine how the Leda brand could be strengthened through a new message - tagline. The campaign is targeted especially at those individuals who are health conscious in their food choices and it supports the brand’s value proposition - that the water comes from a spring that is formed by the natural fall of water, even from an elevation of over two thousand meters and is filled directly into Leda bottles. On its way to the bottle from the heart of the mountains and massifs of part of Bosnia and Northeast Herzegovina, this water picks up valuable minerals, and thus has more minerals than any other natural water on the market. 

This new campaign was set up as a unique opportunity for Leda to utilize a strong message on two levels in order to support its efforts to get closer to the target market. Firstly, providing a confident and contemporary visual presence in print, environmental and digital campaigns. Secondly, the new bottle label infuses key aspects of the campaign into the actual product and thus communicates more directly with the consumer. We choose not to use any colour as part of this campaign, in order to further emphasize the purity and the freshness of the product and the fact that from the very top of the peaks comes this most important and crucial resource for the future of human health.