Vera Winery

Visual Identity of Vera Winery and Wine Label Design

Category: Identity Packaging

Shift Brand Design recently created a visual identity for Vera Winery, a family winery located in Popovo polje in the East Herzegovina region. The new visual identity reflects the winemakers stature as a long time producers of high quality autochthonous grape varieties. Vera and Dušan Vasiljević have turned their love of wine into a very successful family business and currently own more than a hundred thousand hectares of land world wide. 

Vasiljević family are also renowned fruit producers and with plantations in Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Namibia and Greece are the largest producers of table grapes south of Sahara. Prompted by the love of their home country, Vasiljević family established a new winery in Herzegovina - Vera Winery.

Our client’s desire was to create a strong and memorable identity which would represent their character and values. Thus we created a monogram logo which is a symbolic abbreviation of their company name. Representing the initials of Vera Vasiljević and the company name (Vera Winery), the logo is a combination of two “V” letters. Moreover the logo symbolizes two connected grape clusters alluding to the client’s business. The use of golden hues depicts luxury and the premium quality of their brand.

Along with the brand manual, our team created the new design for the wine labels which feature illustrations of the majestic valley, the home of the Vera Winery. The modern design of the label with the centrally positioned golden logo communicates the brand message in a simple and sophisticated manner. The contours of the logo were used in creation of minimalist patterns, perfect for designs of various promotional materials.