Design of the Fresh Fish Visual Identity

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for a Product Line "Auntie Nada"

Visual Identity of „Cycling Rural“ Project

Brand Identity for a New Line of Interior Paints

Brand Identity Design of Hotel Verso, Mostar

The most successful brands are also the simplest ones. They communicate with the market clearly, which is a prerequisite for long-term and sustainable growth in sales. Our job is to create efficient ideas and shape market-relevant communication for companies.

Visual Identity Design for Agroherc Organic Agriculture
AgroHerc Organic Agriculture d.o.o.
 Brand identity and packaging design of juices
Hercegovinavino d.o.o. Mostar
Visual Identity for a new hotel in Mostar
Hercegovinaauto d.d.
Brand Identity for a New Cosmetics Brand
AgroHerc Organic Agriculture Ltd.
Brand Identity and Packaging for a New Range of Honey Products
Identity Packaging Digital
BKV Group Ltd.
Brand Identity of Leženić Olive Oil
Identity Packaging
Leženić Olive Oil
Leda Ice Tea Packaging Redesign
Lukas Nakić d.o.o.
Visual Identity of „Cycling Rural“ Project
Office for European Integration of the Government of West Herzegovina County