Hercegovinavino Ltd.

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Smoked Meat Products 

Category: Identity Packaging

DeVitis is a new meat products brand with its main characteristic being an unusual smoking method - that grape vine cuttings are used to dry the meat products into high-quality delicacy. The deVitis product line is in perfect harmony with the assortment of the wine producer Hercegovina vino. After harvesting the grapes for wine production, the old trees are cut and used as a fuel for drying the meat products. 

Shift was hired to create an identity that would define deVitis as a special brand on the market and visually communicate this expansion into a new industry. We have created a logotype which uses symbols of vineyards and winemaking to illustrate the new meat brand’s story. The brand identity is designed as a combination of two illustrations – an old-style illustration of the chef and a vine tree, with strong and bold typography which creates a single, cohesive unit. The illustration was created as the focus and core idea for the packaging as it gives deVitis an immediate connotation that this quality of taste is directly derived from the masterful process behind the deVitis way of curing and smoking the meat products that brings together the tradition of the winemaker and a quality food product into a sensuous final product. Through this concept of visual identity, Shift has expressed deVitis’ passion for winemaking and also communicates how well the products go with the wines.

The emphasis was on dry and semi-dry sausages, and on wine sausage, which is actually the crown of this brand - a product that has not been present on the market so far and it is a sausage that contains wine as one of the ingredients. In addition, inside the vacuum-packed package, there is a piece of grape vine, which makes this product recognizable on the market. All products, regardless of shape, size and packaging, retain their recognizability and brand affiliation due to the design system, which is at the same time flexible but still clearly and technically defined.

The idea was to present the brand's essence through the package design concept which we achieved. Our creative concept has a visual consistency and potential which allows it to be easily understood by the customers. The result is a striking design that stands out well against other meat products brands on the market.