Office for European Integration of the Government of West Herzegovina County

Visual Identity of „Cycling Rural“ Project

Category: Identity

EU funded project, Cycling Rural aims to strengthen and diversify the quality of the tourist offer in the rural areas of the cross-border regions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Considering our extensive experience in similar project, Shift was invited to design the visual identity of the project. We were asked to design the logo and develop different promotional materials and brochures.

In the logo design we used a one-line technique meaning that the figures of the cyclist and the bike path were designed in a single stroke continuous line. This simple approach translated the project name into a graphic concept. The selected typography suggests a relaxed and informal atmosphere of a vacation in nature.

Logo is derived in orange, a color which elicits feelings of vitality and happiness.
Color orange is also associated with the Herzegovinian sun, the project’s location. The result is a unique and minimalist logo that truly conveys the project's message and can be easily transferred to any medium.