Knežević Dental Centar

Dental Clinic Visual Identity Development

Category: Identity

A clear visual identity, well implemented, is equally as important as the quality of service itself. Its synergistic effect is a winning combination which will attract clients, in this case, future patients of the dental centre "Knežević". Shift has developed an identity for the dental clinic KDC which integrates the clinic's values into a compelling visual identity that patients will instantly recognize. The centre’s values include high levels of customer care, professionalism and an innovative approach. We aimed to demonstrate these qualities through visual identity design and to create a friendly brand image.

Our team decided to develop a minimalistic visual system, centred around a logo that is an abbreviation of the clinic’s name, with a hidden «smile» in each of the letters, suggestive of the care the clinic offers to their patients and the fact that healthy teeth mean not only health, but also a healthy smile and a happy and positive person. 
The logo is easy to use on classic or digital media, it is easily recognizable and memorable. Although in its essence it sends a message of smiles and pleasure, the logo and the entire visual identity in general has a dose of sophistication, business and elegance due to its clear geometrical lines and calm hues of blue and grey.

The visual components of the brand identity display confidence and professionalism that are very important in this medical discipline. We also designed the stationery – business cards, letterhead, folders and promotional items for the consistent implementation of the visual identity, as well as graphic elements for interior and exterior signage.