Vina Zadro Ltd.

Visual Identity of the Product Collection – Domestic Brandy (Rakia) Zadro

Category: Identity Packaging

Production of rakia brandy in this region dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. It is produced from several types of fruit, but in Herzegovina it is traditionally made from grapes. Excellent climatic conditions that are conducive to the successful breeding of various kinds of fruit and self-propagating herbs contributed to the range of liqueurs now on offer.

The winery Zadro from Domanovići has recognized the excellent conditions for growing grapevines, wine production and, with that, excellent rakia. They have currently decided to place on the market rakia made of grapes, rakia with 32 additional herbs and sour cherry rakia on the market.

The client has decided that the design of the packaging and the label should be based on a story about friendship, a casual conversation accompanied by a glass of excellent Herzegovinian brandy, demonstrating how it was once in ‘the old days.’ Shift agency has designed the appropriate illustration that faithfully tells the story of the rakia’s production process and the long-standing friendship and cooperation of winery co-owners. The label design is based on a monochrome illustration, which is the basis of the complete product line, but also including various watercolour interventions which vary according to the type of beverage. This creates the basis for further collection expansion of new flavours and combinations.