Bossolivo Mostar

Visual Identity of an Olive Oil Production Company

Category: Identity

Over the past decade, Herzegovina has experienced a significant expansion in the olive farming and oil production sector, with Herzegovinian olive growers learning on the go, debunking myths, and simultaneously winning awards in global competitions. In this context, the olive oil processing industry has also developed in parallel, supporting growers by enabling them to obtain the highest quality olive oil in the shortest possible time using state-of-the-art methods. One of the companies that recognized the potential for growth and development in the olive oil processing sector is Bossolivo. Through investment in the cutting-edge Italian Pieralisi olive processing line and with the support of professional staff, they quickly became an authority in producing premium olive oil.

Bossolivo recognized the importance of investing in a quality visual identity early on because their main task is to present themselves to olive growers as a serious, business-oriented, and responsible partner who will enhance all of their efforts, at the end of the process. In our case, we offered the client a simple typographic logo that would help them attract attention by highlighting their professionalism, the quality of the production process, and their passion for olive oil. Although the company does not currently have its own oil distribution in the market, this comprehensive approach to developing a visual identity also establishes a foundation for future brand development.

The logo itself is extremely simple but conceals interventions in which each of the three oval letters 'o' is turned in a different direction, simulating the random positioning of olives. The last "o" also incorporates elements of a leaf and a small branch, allowing it to function independently as a symbol or decorative element in the design of various marketing materials. Considering that the company's primary activity is olive pressing/processing, we opted for the colour of freshly pressed olive oil, which leans more towards a golden hue while retaining a hint of olive green. The entire visual identity is monochromatic, thus maintaining simplicity and elegance in communication with both businesses and consumers.