Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar

Postage stamp design: US Open champion Marin Čilić

Category: Print

Our Art director Marin Musa has designed a new postage stamp issued by Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar. This time, honoring this year's U.S. Open winner Marin Čilić. The idea was to convey throught the stamp the great atmosphere from the field and this great victory, which made whole Herzegovina proud. Regardless of how simple it looks to design a postage stamp with this magnificent athlet, because of the world tournament organizers copyrights, we were deprived to show the most important elements that followed his recent success - winning the U.S. Open. Plugging the recognizable background for this tournament, and with the dynamic entry of the US Open winner, we get the feeling to stand right there and watch this historic match. Simple typography, prominent surname and the number one are the link to his fabulouz winning.