Bar 1551

Visual Identity for Bar Located at the Top of the Ski Resort’s Cable Car

Category: Identity

Shift has created a memorable visual identity for Bar 1551 which is part of the Blidinje ski resort and is located at the top of the ski resort’s cable car. At an altitude of exactly 1551 m above sea level, hikers, skiers and sightseers can enjoy even more spectacular views over the Nature park.

The logo emphasizes the uniqueness of the particular location and also reflects the bar's personality. The design is based on the simple form of a red circle, with this principle concept originating from the Knafelc blaze. Alojz Knafelc was a Slovene cartographer, mountaineer and the inventor of the Slovene trail blaze. The Knafelc blaze, introduced in 1871, is a white dot inside a red ring. 

This method of marking mountain trail paths is also used in the recreational area of Blidinje Nature Park. 
Shift integrated the Knafelc blaze with the shape of a cup of coffee to suggest the perfect atmosphere for coffee drinking. The resulting logo conveys the bar’s concept in an interesting way. It is bold, simple and relevant. Above all, its distinctiveness is something visitors will notice and won't forget.