BKV Group Ltd.

Brand Identity and Packaging for a New Range of Honey Products

The Bosnia-Herzegovina based BKV group ltd. is one of the leading producers of supplemental bee food for the region of southeast Europe. Many years of experience and love for bees and honey have encouraged our client to launch on the market, in addition to its core business, their own range of honey products - Kozjak.

Shift has designed a new brand identity framework for this new brand that would distinguish it from other honey products on the shelf and help the brand establish credibility and evolve in new, as well as BKV groups' existing markets. The packaging design of the Kozjak range of products is intended to instantly convey the core ideas of health, pureness and natural origin.

The Kozjak products are organized into several tracks, including kids' products range, a range with medicinal herbs, fruit butter range, a range with pieces of gold and silver, honey syrups, etc. Due to this exceptionally wide range of products, it was necessary to establish a flexible design concept, that is easy adaptable to different product collections and clearly signifies the unique qualities of each of the product lines. We have achieved that the packaging design utilizes recognizable system, that gives the complete product range a cohesive look and feel, while the colours and illustrations change for various ranges.

In addition to brand identity design, we have also designed a modern and functional web site, as well as a comprehensive product catalogue.