Žuvela d.o.o. Hvar

Brand identity of Žuvela - Anchovies in oil

Category: Identity Packaging

Using Žuvela's original tagline “Od mora do stola” ("Fresh from the sea to your table") we created a design that inspires a younger clientele alongside appealing to the traditional target market of gourmets and seafood lovers. The vivid and colorful label design is contrasted with the real product inside the clear glass jar. In the case of designing labels for cylindrical containers like jars and bottles, the most important feature is the extent of panel visibility. The front panel size of this jar is very small, so we extended the branding by spreading the paper label over the top – the metal lid. In the form of a round label on the top the packaging design provides additional brand reinforcement on the shelf, as well at the dining table. The shortcome of this cylindrical type of jar is that it doesn’t allow high quality decoration over its entire surface. Only one small portion of the front could be used for a small label in a strictly prescribed shape, which considerably affects the visibility of the product on the shelf.

inćuni žuvela, shift, dizajn identitet
inćuni žuvela, shift, dizajn identitet
inćuni žuvela, shift, dizajn identitet
inćuni žuvela, dizajn ambalaže, grafički dizajn shift
od mora do stola, inćuni žuvela, dizajn etikete
inćuni žuvela, grafički dizajn shift mostar