Ovnak Ltd. Vitez

Visual Identity Redesign for a Brand of Personal Care Products

Category: Identity

Ovnak is the leading brand of personal care products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is based on a wide range of several thousand quality products used to preserve and restore a beautiful appearance. In the last few years, a large number of effective products from several subcategories have been presented: Ovnak Beauty, Ovnak Trendy, Ovnak Home, Ovnak Hygiene and Ovnak Classic. The new logo has been adapted to different types of reproduction (depending on the product range), and the design is associated with the brand name and the plant Elecampane plant (lat. Inula Helenium) after which it was named, so we adapted the first letter of the logo "O" to show just an Elecampane flower.

The new branding makes a circular sign formed by petals, an instantly recognizable shape that Ovnak brand can deploy as part of its visual communications. The circle can be used for background patterns or to frame images like a product or a face or part of the face, reinforcing the brand's focus on particular segments of care and beauty products. The logo, starting with a custom designed "O" and continuing with the "Helvetica Neue font" for maximum clarity of expression and simplicity of form. The circle of the logo demonstrates Ovnak's care for quality, devotion and uniqueness in every detail. The typographic logo looks modest yet contemporary and strong and shows a brand with a wealth of experience and rich expertise in the personal care industry.

The motif of the Elecampane (Inula helenium) flower hidden in the typographic solution of the logo creates a connection with and communicates the origin of the brand name. The basic logo is composed of a capitalized inscription while the category name is formed from smaller letters and positioned under the initial letter "O". Due to the condensed shape of the letters, their straight and geometrical lines look strict and professional, while the chosen official colour palette of the brand and the initial letter makes the whole logo look lovely and appealing. The new visual identity evokes the brand's commitment to achieving maximum value for its customers.