ETC Electrotechnik, Ellmau Austria

Visual identity of an electric service company

Category: Identity

Corporate identity must be suitable for the company which it represents and say something significant about the industry and the company. In the case of ETC elektrotechnik GmbH, we have achieved this goal. A beautiful aspect of this logo is the fact that the two symbols (minus and plus) can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, it is a diagram which shows the positive polarity on the left and negative polarity on the right side. It therefore represents various electrical and electronic devices. Secondly, the logo helps establish an emotional connection by showing the mascot which remains etched in the client’s memory and helps build the brand identity.

vizualni identitet etc electrotechnik
vizualni identitet elektoservisera etc shift mostar
vizualni identitet etc electrotechnik shift mostar
vizualni identitet etc electrotechnik, aplikacija lotipa
vizualni identitet etc electrotechnik, službeno vozilo
vizualni identitet etc shift grafički dizajn kuverta