Unis Telekom Ltd.

Brand Identity of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

Category: Identity

The need for a clean environment has promoted the development of green car technology, such as electric vehicles, which has resulted in the rise in use of distributed charging stations. Charging stations are the point of connection to the electrical grid for electric vehicles. Our client Unis Telecom decided to launch a UnisCharge brand of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that would make electric vehicles more accessible to consumers. It is an intelligent charging station made of high-quality materials resistant to all weather conditions.

The challenge was to bring Unischarge’s personality to life through a simple yet powerful visual identity design. Shift created a typographic UnisCharge brand logo with an intervention on the initial letter in the form of lightning bolt which draws a connection to electricity and italics style that give the impression of dynamics and movement. 

The extended shape of the UnisCharge logo is enriched with the inscription “electric vehicle charging station” which additionally describes the purpose and role of the brand. The energy wave pattern formed by dynamic lines is one of the basic visual identity elements, especially when applied to the painting of electric vehicle charging stations. It also gives a dynamic and a variable note to the whole visual identity and it can be used in promotional materials and digital media channels.

We developed a brand identity which suggests personality traits such as a socially responsible brand to appeal to the target audience of EV drivers. The logo uses the hues of blue and green commonly seen in eco-friendly logos. A strong logo, appropriate font, colour palette and distinctive pattern come together to create a coherent and confident brand which is a manifestation of the optimism and the pure, bright future that electrified mobility brings.