Eurocompany 99 Ltd.

Design of the Dried Fruits and Nuts Product Line

Category: Packaging

Eurocompany99 is the leading regional manufacturer and distributer of a wide range of nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals and dried exotic fruit. The company organized a tender procedure for agencies from several countries. Our layout concept and package design won the tender and we began task implementation a few months later. 

Our project objective was to position two product lines - nuts and dried fruits - as a premium brand on the market and strengthen the existing market position of these product lines which contain 60 different products altogether. This fresh, simple and distinctive packaging design is the result of many compromises that had to be made during the design process since our client insisted on using the same design for a very wide range of products as well as for “blank” packaging (when labels are additionally stuck on).

The packaging design should facilitate the flow and distribution of the product in this highly competitive market segment. The target group for this line of products are consumers with refined taste who seek maximum quality and superior products, especially regarding healthy diet and nutrition. Eurocompany99 wanted a sophisticated, traditional and elegant packaging design that communicated the serious nature of the company. The challenge was to create a flexible system of design which covers both product lines - nuts and dried fruits.